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October 18, 2019

Climate action youth led a hike to Leicester Peak with the EU Ambassador and climate change champions to remember victims and survivors of Sierra Leone's tragic mudslide and to receive prizes for their winning artworks at the recent Climate Art competition.  ...

Yesterday's youth climate event action at a ram-packed British Council Auditorium heard impassioned plea's from the EU Ambassador, Freetown City Mayor and climate activist Greta Thunberg, with youth taking part in a debate on ocean life and presentations for an innovat...

A sneak peak behind the scenes as pupils from nine schools across the western area put the finishing touches to  their entries for an innovative EU-funded art competition climate action to show Sierra Leone youths' climate action priortities.

Three schoo...

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The Society 4 Climate Change Communication communicates information about climate change, its impacts and innovative strategies to help Sierra Leone adapt to our new climate reality as third most vulnerable nation to climate change. Join us and campaign for environmental and climate action in Sierra Leone.



Sierra Leone forests provide livelihoods for communities and protect us all by absorbing CO2 and preventing soil erosion


Join our campaign to raise awareness about the dangerous impacts of climate change affecting 35% of our population and take environmental and climate action in Sierra Leone.


Discover what you can contribute and the real difference you can make with innovative Volunteerism. Get in touch or you can find us on facebook and twitter @scccsierraleone

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